Students hear from Medal of Honor recipient

Taylor Frost | Mountain News WYMT

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - History came to life for many students at Johnson Central High School on Wednesday afternoon. Woody Williams, Medal of Honor recipient, spoke to students about his time serving in World War II.

Williams was in the Marines. He received his medal in October 1945.

"The benefit, the privilege that we have of just being born in a free country,” Williams said. “And having access to all that our country does for us."

Williams said he is a caretaker of his medal and wants to share history with a younger generation.

"I do not wear the medal for me. I wear it in their honor because, two marines, sacrificed their life … protecting mine," Williams said.

Williams shared that a teacher inspired him and instilled a love for his country.

"Ms. Naomi Morgan had a tremendous impact on my life. She’s the one that taught me to love my country," Williams said.

J.R. VanHoose, history teacher, said he hopes this event inspires his students.

“The main reason to get Mr. Williams in here was so kids could have a piece of history,” VanHoose said. “This is living, breathing history.” Gunner Slone, student, said that hearing from Williams was a great opportunity to learn.

"I mean it was kind of emotional for some of us," Slone said. "You know, a lot of people here because they’ve never seen someone from World War II, and especially somebody that has received the Medal of Honor."

The school plans to have more speakers, like Mr. Williams, in the future.