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Monument Honors Fallen Loved Ones

Oct. 30, 2016 

Robert Gillispie | The State Journal

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, and the tears were falling this afternoon as Gold Star families dedicated a monument to honor their fallen loved ones.

Christina Burkes is a Gold Star mother and says this new monument helps keeps her son's memory alive.

"How amazing this is that this community has done this for the Gold Star families, Gold Star moms just to remember our fallen."

Every branch of the military was represented during the event and Gold Star mothers say this is something they will never forget.

"Thinking about how wonderful it was that people came together to do this," says Gold Star mother Sandra Skar.

This memorial represents those military men and women who sacrificed their lives and to let the families know that this community remembers.

As the mothers got together and unveiled the new monument, Sandra Skar was asked what exactly was going through her mind as they were sliding the cover off.

"Thinking this is a beautiful memorial and how much my son would appreciate that people remember him and their families."

"This is a remembrance of all of what we lost of the ultimate sacrifices of our sons and daughters," says Gold Star mom Kim Adams.